Cold River, Wide River/Winds of the West

Cold River, Wide River

The river's cold and the river's wide,
We were not prepared.
You heard my calls from the other side,
Hung in crystal air.

Though I know beyond this snow,
There is a Spring.
Though I know the winds will blow,
beneath your wing,
And carry you away.

The snow came late but the snow came hard,
And the whole town's off-guard,
And April was just the image on,
Generic greeting cards.

Though I know the night will slow,
I can't find my strength.
Though I know the sun will show,
I can't face my pain.

I'm standing at the banks,
Ready to jump I think,
But I carry so much weight,
That I know for sure I'd sink,
Without you to carry me.

Winds of the West

If you're still there,
Why do I still feel alone?
In my rear view mirror,
I watch my eyes turn to stone.

Dirty headlights,
Pave the road I go,
My exhaust pipe,
Breathes a heavy load.

And I can't sleep,
Yeah there are some things only bloodshot eyes can see,
And I left the Midwest,
For a moment I was free.

Drove right through my hometown,
Inhaled 100,000 walking rainclouds.
You'll hear from me when I feel like being tied down,
The winds of the West are calling me.
The winds of the West are calling me.