21 Sept 2019

One of the first songs I wrote for what would become Skin I Feel No More was “Paper Thin.” Please enjoy this video, and I always appreciate you listening.

Thank you!


10 Sept 2019

The recording process is finished and I am starting to get back some rough mixes of the new songs. Things will likely be wrapping up within the next couple of months, then will move on to printing and release. New songs and videos to come in the next couple weeks! Thanks for sticking around!


11 July 2019
I am visiting the island of Kaua’i where I am in the process of recording the album. One by one, we’re knocking down each track and will be completely done recording by the end of the month. Then, off to mixing and printing. I’m roughly aiming for a release date around mid-Fall to early Winter.
Thanks to all!


15 May 2019
Slowly, things are coming together and I am figuring out what this second album wants from me. Excited to say that I have completed the writing and demo portion of what will be Skin I Feel No More. It has been a long process and far from over, but very soon I will be moving on to final studio recording and production, then prepping for a projected release in late Fall/early Winter 2019. Very excited for the new things coming. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months. I will post new information on my socials and on this page above. Until then, Click Here to stream my first album for free, and check out the social media links below to find where else to find me and listen.

Thanks for everything,